Like a desire to eat with you !

The Family outdoors

In the Cannatella family I ask … the Brothers and their Cousin Jerome. Oh yes, always and even more! Five years after the Di Più, Philippe and Serge Cannatella embark on the realization of an old dream: to transpose their culinary vision on the seaside. Move to a beach and propose a pleasant setting, festive and gastronomic. A wish that comes into direct resonance with the desires of Gino, who saw themselves, one day, cooking family recipes on the Mediterranean. With le galet, the Cannatellas have reinvented the beach of downtown, where it feels good to drink and eat. But the bet was far from being won in advance …

Breaking the codes of the beach in Nice

The old Galion, they eyed along with their father and uncle Gino for eight years on the site: central, clear, bright and close to other restaurants. Cross two streets to eat, barefoot, head lost between the sea and the sun, a well-known and pleasant Italian cuisine … Philippe’s vision was idyllic. But it had to be realized. The risk was great and rested on many guarantees – you do not own a beach as an apartment. The work proved to be enormous: abandoned for 35 years, it was necessary to make a clean sweep of the beach. And start all over again.

A culinary beach, on the page, feminine and luminous. Far from the models posing in Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Monaco, the beach had to be imbued with family values ​​and philosophy. Even today, le galet must embody delight, a place of surprising and uninhibited relaxation, where the kitchen rubs shoulders with idleness and elegance. “We had to break the codes of the beaches in Nice!” The masses have spoken.

Sea, Spritz & Sun

This is the discovery of new professions: event organizer, bar chef, beach attendant … From the restorative breakfast after a jog on the Prom ‘ to sunny aperitifs until late nights – le galet is not the beach of a single clientele. The group discovers the world of cocktails, pools of rosé, spritzes and caipirinhas.

A colorful and trendy world that changes traditional wine menus distributed in other restaurants.

And the party in all this? No acidcore, techno or electro crazy at le galet. But quiet sounds, a culture of smooth, jazzy and lounge spirit, like a Buddha Bar with a Sicilian spirit. Local music groups have also found a new scene to perform in front of a young audience and fans of discoveries. The coast of Nice and the Promenade des Anglais have found a new center of attraction.

The restaurant, bar and beach of family outings

In the end, is it a restaurant or a beach? Both, my captain! And even more: the concept of le galet is to offer different formats of relaxation to its clients. You find the pleasure of dining in the restaurant part. The pleasure of the party and the summer aperitifs with the outdoor bar. And the pleasure of idleness and sharing on the beach. The decoration is reminiscent of a pleasure boat with its ropes, large wooden panels or pergola – bioclimatic please. Straight from Milan, the Atmosfera beach furniture is designed for families and couples who want to curl up, before or after a meal.

A sense of detail that the Cannatellas have transposed into the amenities: shower rooms to changing rooms. The standing is that of a star hotel or spa on the Riviera. But the average bill remains the same as in other establishments. Comfort, freshness and cleanliness were the three pillars of the group’s specifications. “Le galet is thought for families, couples, children … We are all three parents, so we reasoned just as a client would who wants to spend a good time with his clan on a beach on the Cote.  Did the empathy and the exigence of the entrepreneurs pay off?

Until yesterday, the Nicois were never going to eat on their beaches. The practice was reserved for tourists. And yet with le galet, we received the most beautiful compliments: “Monsieurs Cannatella, thank you. You have returned the beach back to us.”