Italian restaurant in nice, mattresses, spa and bar lounge on the seafront

The restaurant-bar for all your outings on the beach

Discover le galet

Le “galet” ?

It’s because we are in Nice. And the beaches of Nice are pebbled! We were not going to call ourselves the “grain of sand” anyways … these are the roots of our city and the symbols of the Prom’. “But the pebbles, they hurt the feet…” You do not know ours: we offer you the softest pebbles of the Côte d’Azur.

How to find us ?

Facing the Albert Ier Gardens, on the axis of Place Masséna… We are a downtown beach! The Promenade des Anglais is magical: we jog, we see children’s scooters, parents’ biking, hipster skaters…

To attend the carnival, to flirt, or to look at the sea, we are in a magical place, a few steps from you!

How is it inside ?

Padded blue benches, a bioclimatic pergola, double beds by Atmosfera for couples who want to curl up … The le galet is designed for the comfort and freshness of the guests. Italian shower, mosaic laid by hand … Our conveniences are those of a famous hotel on the Coast. Whether you are at the bar or at the restaurant, we have designed a luxury beach for lovers, families and fans of aperitifs in the sun.

A menu to devour

Mozza with taste? What can we share with three? From “white gold”? They are crazy these Italians…

Le galet presents…

Fetish products

Main plate : the Poke bowl

So this is the Poké bowl that dethrones sushi in the hearts of #foodies? This last darling on Instragram explodes with colors! Raw salmon, avocado and pineapple marry strangely well together. And when I dig in, I discover another treasure: cucumber, carrot, radish, tuna … mango ?! And the quinoa bed at the bottom. It’s the Rolls of detox!

#Pokebowl #HealthyFood #Detox #BeHappy #HawaiianChirashi

For dessert: homemade ice cream

There is always room for a little ice cream … But it is brought to me in a large vase! 4 scoops of ice cream with whipped cream, small meringues and a chocolate sauce. There is even little candy for the kids. It’s the food porn of frozen dessert. How to choose between all the flavors?

#IceCream #Amarena #SupremeSugar #SweetBaby #EatBeforeItMelts

Leftovers ? Take one of our small plates home by asking for a takeaway !

Le galet magazine

The le galet magazine is the spirit of our house condensed into a hundred pages of pure riviera. Recipes, articles, interviews of the locals, and good addresses: it is a media of expression and sharing. The expression of Nice, the sharing of pleasures.

Detox, a simple fashion effect? Dr. Patricia Morel Mandrino sheds light on good practices and eating habits to adopt for a healthy life … and yummy!

Take our last edition and go relax on our double beds by flipping through the magazine. It is free and designed entirely for you. It would be a shame to deprive oneself, right?

Events le galet

Become a beach owner, what do you say? Corporate dinners, birthday party, bachelor party, conventions …Le galet beach can accommodate up to 500 people in cocktail mode. The group Cannatella puts its establishment and its expertise at your disposal for the reception of all your events. Do you want a particular band? Want to bring your own DJ? Want a cocktail in particular? We accompany you to the end, so do not forbid any appetite!

Tested and approved !

“Last October, we built a boules pitch to host a business seminar! The 40 guests arrived around 6 pm and played pétanque until dinner time. Rosé, pastis, pizza … and playa. There was everything to make this cocktail drink.”

By Laurathe privileged coordinator of your private events.

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